Deep Pillowcase Flap

Extra Deep Fitted Sheet

Sheet Navigation Tags

Duvet Cover Ties

Duvet Cover Hidden Seam

Authentic Materials

Our Pillowcases

Our pillowcases are designed with our extra deep french envelope enclosure making sure your pillow stays tucked in all night long. This means you’ll have a perfect fit for that ever so stylish look and also protects your pillow from last night’s make-up (we don’t judge).

Our Sheets

Our fitted sheets do not only have deep sides to fit any mattress with ease, but have a thick elastic edge that means your sheets stay in place during times of vigorous movement. We’ve also made making the bed easier with seam ‘navigation’ tabs, so you’ll never be left wondering where the short or long sides are ever again.

Our Duvet Covers

Our duvet covers come with duvet interior corner ties meaning your duvet insert stays securely in place throughout the night – say goodbye to lumps and bunching! We’ve also included a hidden seam to hide buttons for that all important finish!

Our Materials

Rest assured, we’re bringing you the REAL deal. The market is flooded with rogue products claiming to be Egyptian cotton and European Linen. Off with their heads! The only way to ensure you are purchasing the genuine product (from raw cotton to milling to final product) is with this here certification. 

Cleopatra-worthy sheets


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