Made with love


There is no one step in the process that can be compromised.

We’ve navigated the planet to find the highest quality materials, production processes and craftsmanship in existence. Why-on-earth? Because when producing products at the level we do, there is no one step in the process that can be compromised.

We’ve also built trusted relationships to ensure our products are outstanding. Our bedlinen is crafted in Portugal, where they are renowned for the best craftsmanship in the world. Our cotton & linen is procured from the highest quality sources available. We even test their DNA tested to confirm that what we are offering is the A-grade goodness we’re promising! We only use Oeko-Tex certified products too, free from harmful bleaches and chemicals. Eewh, chemicals – we’re sleeping on it for goodness sake!


Classic never goes out of style.

Our products are designed with the modern home in mind. This means classic tailoring, clean lines and an unfussy design aesthetic.

The KINGS & QUEENS strategy is to sell simply stunning products directly to our loyal subjects, at prices much lower than comparative brands. We can do this because we’ve simplified our overheads by only selling online.


Accessible to the masses, not just the few.

We believe in full transparency pricing. It is our promise and pleasure to cart our wares to market at prices traditionally unseen in the luxury linen sector. In traditional retail, a set of bed sheets can be marked up as much as 8x by the time it reaches the customer. What a load of sheet! We reveal the true cost of our products, our margins, and the savings to you. We’re able to do this through our direct-to-customer model, that eliminates brick-and-mortar expenses and unnecessary middleman mark-ups. Why? We think cake tastes best when shared!

Shop with standards

Transparency is good!

Our factories have a variety of different certificates that show they have been inspected by an independent body and operate in lawful, humane and ethical ways.

In addition, to independent certification, Kings & Queens Home also requires a Code of Conduct to be signed by each Supplier we work with, ensuring that beyond certification they acknowledge, share and act on our four key pillars:

Read our code of conduct


The supplier complies with local laws where they operate, there is no child labour, forced labour, no discrimination and freedom of association.


Workers are treated with respect and dignity. There is no punishment or coercion or harassment. Working hours comply with local law, and wages and benefits meet or exceed local industry wage.


The factories provide a safe and healthy workplace. There is a strict safe handling procedure in place for chemicals and water filtration after dying and washing of bedlinen. The same standards apply to living facilities, dining facilities and childcare facilities.


Apart from complying with all local environmental laws, Kings & Queens Home asks suppliers to maintain further certifications, where possible, around continuous improvement with usable water, waste and chemical management and energy conservation and air emissions are minimised.