Like all reasonable dictators, we love being the master of our own destiny. However, given we’re more of the caring/sharing type, we thought we’d give YOU the power! 

The following products are in prototype stage only, but will be produced for the masses at your request. If demand for a particular product meets our production threshold, we’ll give our guys the royal nod on production, and have the goods made and delivered to you ASAP. Too easy.


By purchasing this product, you’re participating in a crown-funding campaign (traditionally called ‘crowd’ funding). If this product meets our production threshold, we will manufacture and deliver it to you as soon as humanly possible (please check the estimated shipping date range above). We will over order Workshop products, so any potential exchanges will be a synch. This also allows for customers that we’re on the slow-boat at the time, to (unless sold-our prior) be able to get their mitts on these products also.


The Workshop is our crown-funding platform (some call it ‘crowd’ funding, but we find that terminology a bit dull) for new bed linen or homeware products.

When we design a new collection or product, we’ll release them in our Workshop for crown-funding. Customers will have 2 weeks to pre-order the products. Products that reach their funding goal are manufactured and delivered, post haste.

By participating in the Workshop, you’ll receive kudos and virtual high-fives for helping bring Kings & Queens designs into fruition. And if that in itself isn’t enough, you’ll receive a stonking-hot, pre-sale discount - the average of which is more than 20% off our normal purchase price. Participating in this programme guarantees that you get the product in your chosen size, at the discounted rate. There is a possibility that products will sell out in the crown-funding period, so securing your product is on a no-snooze, no-lose basis (no-brainer).

A Workshop collection's funding campaign lasts 4 weeks.

With every Workshop product, we include an estimated shipping date. Generally, this is approximately 6-8 weeks. However, should manufacturing take longer than expected (for unforeseen reasons) we'll be in touch as soon as we can. You’ll be kept regularly up-to-date on the status of your product.

You will be charged for the product at checkout. If the funding goal isn’t reached? See next question…

Products almost always reach their funding goal. In the event a Workshop product does not reach this target, we'll contact you with a status update. Either we’ll charge on with production anyway, or we’ll issue a full refund. This happens immediately after the 2-week crown-funding period.

Yes. You just won't be able to lock in pre-sale pricing and there is a chance it may sell out. To avoid tears and tantrums, we suggest that, if you like it, buy it.