We believe in offering our customers high-quality products at accessible prices that don’t cost the planet. Together our team is striving for better products and better business practices for a healthier planet.

Kate fenwick

Kings & queens Founder



We work with a range of makers and our preference is to work with suppliers who are going over and above compliance and implementing responsible social and environmental practices.

The Good Sheet

We’ve partnered with Upparel to launch The Good Sheet. A way for you to have an immediate impact and recycle ready-to-retire bedlinen and items you no longer wear, need, or love. Plus, as a thank you from us to you, we’ll reward you with $25 to spend on the Kings & Queens range.

A conscious aproach


Our 2023 Collections were made with environmentally preferred materials – Linen & Cotton. Across all of our collections we work exclusively with high quality, natural materials. We find these fabrics are not only the most beautiful to create with but also the most gentle on the environment.



100% Traceability From Farm to Finish

Grown & Made in Europe


Free from harmful chemicals

Flax linen is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the textiles industry. It requires much less water than most other fibres to cultivate and every part of the flax plant can be utilised to create diverse and valuable products, meaning there’s nothing wasted. Kings & Queens holds a European Flax®certification meaning the flax has been produced in Europe and guarantees a high level of traceability and accountability through each stage of production. This ensures no irrigation (rainwater only), no GMO, zero waste, zero chemicals, fibre production is in compliance with International Labour Organization rules.